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Here to help and support wellbeing in the workplace! 

Our workshops and services are personalised and bespoke. Below, you will find a range of workshops we deliver, however there are more to come and so much more we can do for work place wellbeing, whether that be for your entire organisation, a small group or for individual wellbeing. Feel free to get in touch to find out more. 

Wellness at the desk

As much as we're told to move and exercise, when you've got tasks to complete and deadlines to meet, it can be difficult to leave your desk! This short workshop provides you with information, tips and strategies on how to keep well and mindful whilst sitting at your desk! 

Let's talk

At the forefront of workplace wellbeing is communication. We all have colleagues, but the truth of the matter is that we sometimes feel isolated, lonely or just a little demotivated at work. Let's talk is based on some interesting and innovative approaches to communication, ones which can help you build better relationships and a more productive work 'flow' too. 

Office politics

If only the political climate was reserved for Parliament! Often, team based politics can get in the way of positive and productive relationships and outcomes in the workplace. This can be due to a number of factors including leadership, work flow or personal circumstances. This discussion based workshop is designed for team leaders and managers to understand how to combat office politics so you can work in a comfortable, positive and collaborative workplace. 

Being mindful

Our Founder is MBSR trained and companies such as Google, LinkedIn and Transport for London have found several benefits of bringing mindfulness into the workplace. However, these workshops are there to empower you: we want to help embed a culture of stress management and calm into your lives, to support a healthy approach to work life balance. 

Stretch and mobility

Back ache, neck ache, everything ache..! Office work can often lead to short term niggling pain, which we neglect and these can result in long term injuries, which nobody wants! We deliver workshops on stretching and mobility to help you combat desk fatigue and prevent common injuries that are a result of everyday office work. 

Workout at work

Whether it be stretch, kettlebells, strength and conditioning,  bodyweight or HIIT workouts - we're here for you! The common excuse of 'I don't have time' can very easily be overcome with our workout and work classes! All you need is to bring your gym bag to the office and before the day is done, you'll feel fit, energised and maybe a little sweaty after one of our workouts at work! 

Book a workshop

If you are interested in booking a workshop, or would like to know more about the workshops above, leave your details below, and we will get in touch!

Red tape

From experience, it can be the systems and processes of an organisation that need simple changes to increase the wellbeing of your employees. This workshop is designed to get leaders thinking: how can you make your processes productive AND manageable for your employees? What are the common strengths and weaknesses of your systems and processes? Can we mimic the strengths in the workplace to replace the weaknesses? This workshop encourages you to think and innovate, without fearing change. 

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